We are proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Online Retailer Conference & E-Commerce Expo 2011

– The premier event for online and multichannel retailing

Conference & Expo: 27-28 Sept 2011

Venue: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Cenre

Let’s support this e-retailing event!


Offerme.com.au has been announced as a Finalist of the Online Business category in the 2011 City of Sydney Business Awards!

Finalist Sydney Business AwardsOfferme.com.au would like to thank the City of Sydney, Awards sponsors and of course our loyal customers, clients, friends and family who took the time to vote for us.

Nominations and voting were open from June 14 until July 22. Votes were cast online and via SMS. The top eight vote-getters in each category qualified as Finalists.

The 2011 City of Sydney Business Awards hit record numbers, with 640 businesses nominated and 67,000 votes from the public, both figures far exceeding those of any previous year in the Awards program.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said that all the businesses that were nominated were a part of the vital heartbeat of economic activity in the City of Sydney. “We have more than 18,000 small and medium businesses and the City’s Business Awards show our commitment to supporting them on their road to becoming successful and sustainable enterprises.”

“The 2011 City of Sydney Business Awards gives businesses the opportunity to market themselves, reflect on their success and look at ways to remain competitive. I look forward to celebrating with the winners in September,” Ms Moore said.

The Awards are produced with the support of Principal SponsorANZ, Major Sponsors EnergyAustralia and Defence Reserves Support, Sponsors Hayes Knight, Microsoft, MyNetFone, TAFE NSW Sydney Institute, NSW Trade & Investment and Media Sponsor, Central Magazine.

Winners will be announced at the annual Sydney Business Awards dinner on September 13, hosted by Lisa Wilkinson and entertainment from Arj Barker. For more information, please visit www.sydneybusinessawards.com.au.

Posted by: offerme | April 28, 2011

“Me Store” Coming Soon

Firstly, a special thanks to all of you for your support in the past 3 years. We have achieved 1000
great Group Buying deals and sold 5419 Sydney Royal Easter Show tickets 2011 recently. It
seems almost unbelievable!

We have finally reached the point where we can proudly announce that many big name sellers will
open online stores on our Group Buying platform. We call it “Me Store”.

 Here are a few highlights:

 (A) “Me Store”
   200K+ products available for sale, with 50k+ products at launch
   Wide variety of amazing group buying deals by our sellers
   A few big niche product suppliers coming on board with exclusive deals
Australia’s No.1 independent online bicycle retailer, listed No. 38th in
BRW’s 100 fastest growing companies
   Parsons Music
Asia’s No.1 musical instruments retailer, with around 80 retail stores and a
revenue of USD300M
(B) Save on shipping costs when purchasing multiple products from the same seller
(C) “Buy Now”
   Buy the item as a single purchase right away at “Buy Now Price” without waiting
for a group buy to start or end
 (D) “Count Me In”
   Click the “Count Me In” button when you fancy a group buy deal for an item without
any obligations
Visit OfferMe Announcement page for a preview of our new platform design!
Posted by: Marketing | February 18, 2011

Win an iPad!!

Posted by: Marketing | January 21, 2011

Continued Support!

It’s always the period after something big happens that resides with people after. Being human, our emotions are sometimes what keeps us in check but also what holds us back.

Last week was an intense time where we as a nation really felt first hand what it was like to have such a huge disaster unfold before our eyes in our own backyards so to speak. We felt first hand, how our friends and family and people that we didn’t know were affected by the devastating flooding that tore through much of the state of Queensland. Statistics was putting the percentage of flooding at 75%, flowing through towns and destroying peoples livelihood. Mother nature certainly didn’t hold back with her fury and last weeks events is a testament to the kind of world we  live in. The aftermath doesn’t stop for those who have been affected and as we speak; we acknowledge that Victoria is experiencing  the same adversities.

Myself and the OfferMe team have been immensly touched by the outpouring of generous donations of the Australian people which has now officially toppled the one hundred million mark. Whilst that sounds like a very large milestone reached, the need to rebuild will certainly take a lot more.

Congratulations to my fellow Aussies for digging deep. And furthermore we would like to encourage our users, friends, family, and whom ever feels impressed to continue to give. By donating on our page, simply donating as little as $2 or or even in multiples of two; we encourage you all to sell out the donation style deal page with OfferMe kicking off the deal with the first 100 already donated. 100% of the generous donations will directly be forwarded to those who need it most.

Resiliency is ingrained in our nature; I encourage others to share and spread that feeling amongst the people of this country and together we can certainly make a difference.

Posted by: Marketing | January 14, 2011

Standing Firm For Queensland

This year has started off with big hopes, new dreams and wishes. New goals set, and the resolve to keep at em’ is almost as difficult as saying no to KFC.

But what happens when things don’t go to plan and something else big happens out of your control. Of course; I am alluding to the recent devastation of the flood in Queensland our neighbouring state. It is still ongoing and in amongst the heartbreak of it all; heros are emerging and the Aussie spirit seems to be surfacing as many are reaching out to each other in need.

One hero by name seems to be the premier of the state Anna Bligh who through it all has steered Queensland through their darkest hour with much poise and calm resolve. I must admit that I think she is doing a tremendous job in amongst the confusion and tragedy of it all. Informing the nation with regular updates of the impending threat of the waters and knowing every town in every valley. Reassuring the people of Queensland and Australia that she is doing her best all the while reporting on rescues and only just keeping herself in check with her bare emotions. The raw emotion is blatant but Ms Bligh is holding herself and standing firm and from her, the people of Queensland, friends, friends and families overseas, international media, and whoever is following this disaster, can take comfort in the face of Anna Bligh inspiring others to stand up and come together in time of need.

This natural disaster has touched the nation and we here at OfferMe have been deeply touched by the outpouring of charity towards our fellow country men at this current time. We endeavour to do our best in supporting Queensland and its residents in any way, shape or form and we hope that we can encourage others to do the same. Helping others is not in any way to garner attention at the good we do or one does, but merely to lend a helping hand when someone calls.

Whilst there are also a number of other disasters happening as we speak;  Premier Anna Bligh’s words are fitting:

“It might be breaking our hearts…but it will not break our will”

Posted by: Marketing | December 20, 2010

OfferMe Gives Back To Variety, The Childrens Charity

As much as we like to have a great bargain, we also like to give back to those that are less fortunate than others. At OfferMe, we like to embrace the season of giving back to the community and have done so with Variety The Children’s Charity.

This non for profit national organisation empowers children who are sick, disadvantage or have special needs to live, laugh and learn. With the help of their dedicated volunteers, generous individuals and corporate sponsors, Variety The Children’s Charity, are able to provide three core programs: freedom, care and future.

It’s through these core programs that Variety The Children’s Charity can deliver a unique range of goods and services to assist with the specific needs of individual children, across a diverse spectrum of physical, emotional and financial needs.

Just last week week the OfferMe team were excitedly packing Christmas goodies bags for the children at Variety The Children’s Charity and inside was:

3. Lindt Chocolate Santa Clause

1. Gingerbread man

2. Candy canes

4. Lollipops

5. Sour warheads

6. Christmas cracker

Presenting the gift bags to the representatives of Variety The Children’s Chairty was a momentous occassion that made the OfferMe team very happy to be able to give a helping hand when we can. We hope the kids will enjoy the yummy goodies and hope to make their festive season a little brighter. 

We would like to acknowledge Gifts2thedoor.com.au for helping us source the goodies.

The OfferMe team are happy to be apart of a company that supports a good cause such as Variety The Childrens Charity. We hope to encourage others to contribute all year round and not just in this festive season.


Posted by: Marketing | December 13, 2010

Make Me an OfferMe Video!!

Weather’s heating up and the city is abuzz at the moment. Why you ask? Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or hiding in a cave, then you would have noticed that the big O aka OfferMe have a big announcement to make:)

In case you don’t know we are actually the first group buying site to appear here in Australia. We’re really proud to be able to claim that scalp and we like to follow through with our awesome group buying deals.

How we work is as simple as this:

OfferMe secures great Group Buy deals by negotiating bulk buy purchases and then passing them on to you at individual prices. Therefore, a deal cannot go ahead until a minimum number of units have been purchased.

So we love to go out of way to source the best deals for you guys. Sharing our group buys means more in your pocket at the best price. Very timely also as Christmas is coming up and so we’ve thought ahead too. We have some good news to share…

We want to officially announce the launch of our brand new competition.

MAKE ME AN OFFERME VIDEO” competition has kicked off! And quite frankly we’re just as excited as you are!

We’re offering $1000 big ones to the winning entrant and its so easy to get in on it all! Here a the three simples rules one must adhere to; to be in the running to win One Thousand Dollars!:

Create a short 30 second video commercial for OfferMe
(Must include OfferMe and Group Buying as well as be original content)
Send your video commercial to OfferMe
Email: marketing@offerme.com.au
Mail: Make Me An OfferMe Video, Suite 2, Level 2, 233 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
Please include your full name, address, email and contact telephone number.
The winners will be based on the most unique views each video gets on OfferMe’s YouTube Channel;
Share your video to improve your chance of winning!

Is it really that simple I hear you ask? Yes it really is! No mucking around here at OfferMe. More in your pocket even after all the Christmas spend. So go on, get to it, we’re really excited to see all of the great video’s you guys are going to create. Lets see if you can “Make Me an OfferMe Video


Posted by: Marketing | December 3, 2010

Hassle Free Christmas

We are indeed in Summer now but it doesn’t feel like Christmas even though it is 4 weeks away. The lead up to Christmas usually involves really warm weather and snags on the barbie and watching cricket on the tele. My colleagues prefer watching football and of course I mean the premier league and the European Champions league as in soccer; as we Aussies’s call it.

Christmas is upon us and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the thought of parties, presents, outfits, parties, presents, barbecues and more parties. I’ve sort of started my shopping in preparation for the 25th of this month, am lucky because I get to see the sweet deals that we offer here at OfferMe.com.au. No pun intended either. Around this time of year I know that it can also get pretty expensive with all the gifts, lunches and dinners to cater for and I’m not even talking about Christmas day.

OfferMe is all about Group Buying and sourcing the best deals for you guys. OfferMe will find the best deals so you won’t have to. Having the Christmas spirit is about spreading joy to others and sharing what you have with others. So we want to get into that spirit and spread the cheer with what we know.

Join a group today on OfferMe.com.au and see what you’ll find for Christmas:)

Posted by: Marketing | November 19, 2010

Hampers & Christmas

Do you ever get stuck at times where you just don’t know what to do and you wish you had a magic wand where everything that you needed at that very moment could just appear in a puff of smoke? Or even better, things would just come in packages that you can pre-purchase and order so that you don’t have to worry about having to gather the things you need by running around town to collect it all.

Tabitha from the once popular TV show BeWitched played the daughter of a witch and so naturally she inherited her mothers powers and from a very young age, was able to move things or her dad to different locations at the twitch of her nose. If only things were that easy! But what if I told you that it is and that you could be Santa and spread Christmas cheer to all just like that.

Yes Christmas is here in 5 weeks starting from tomorrow, Saturday. Like you need me to remind you that it is coming real fast and before you know it, you’ll be caught off guard for gifts for the family, for friends and even your boss! Getting the appropriate gift is always one to be thought out. Want to solve some issues that may arise when selecting the right gift for your mothers friend who lives 3 doors down or your very new girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s grandmother living interstate?

At OfferMe we have a product of the month and yes you guess it, it is a Christmas Hamper that would be perfect for all those folk whom you can’t seem to find the right gift for. It is definately festive, affordable, and stress free. Includes such items as a Santa teddy, Lindt Chocolates, even toffee and heaps more!  All the good stuff you’d expect to find in an awesome Christmas hamper.

So get to it. You won’t regret getting in early as you won’t have to worry about finding something because you already have it. Let OfferMe do the work for you and we promise you a hassle free Christmas, because after all, we just want to spread the Christmas cheer! Visit OfferMe.com.au.

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